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Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Free Safety Video Inspection
Cabin Filter
Antifreeze coolant check and top up
Brake Fluid check and top up
Power Steering Fluid check and top up
Brake Pad check
Brake Disc check
Check Brake pipes
Check Hand brake cables
Check Light bulbs
Tyre's check
Wheel bearings check
Check condition of suspension
Check Fuel leaks
Check Oil leaks
Service lights reset
Fuel filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs (For Petrol cars)

Best Electric Car Service

Ultimate Destination for Comprehensive Electric Car Services

Welcome to Ev Hybrid Tech, your one-stop shop for all your electric car servicing needs! We are dedicated to providing top-notch, eco-friendly services that ensure your electric vehicle (EV) stays in optimal condition. Our expert technicians have years of experience and are trained to perform primary, interim, and complete services on various electric car models. Trust us to keep your EV running smoothly while minimising your carbon footprint.

Major Service

Our primary service package is designed to cover all the essential components of your electric vehicle. We meticulously inspect and maintain crucial systems to ensure your car performs at its best. Our primary service includes:

1. Comprehensive inspection of the entire vehicle

2. Battery health check and diagnostics

3. Brake system inspection and maintenance

4. Tire rotation, balancing, and alignment

5. Suspension and steering system assessment

6. Electric motor check and performance optimization

7. Cooling system inspection and maintenance

8. Charging system inspection and diagnostics

9. Software updates and calibration

10. Cabin air filter replacement

Interim Service

Our interim service is perfect for EV owners who want to maintain their vehicle's performance between major service intervals. This package thoroughly inspects critical components and systems, ensuring your car remains in excellent condition. Our interim service includes:

1. Basic vehicle inspection

2. Battery health check

3. Brake system inspection

4. Tire pressure and condition check

5. Suspension and steering system assessment

6. Electric motor performance check

7. Cooling system inspection

8. Charging system inspection

9. Software updates, as needed

Full Service

For the ultimate peace of mind, our complete service package provides a comprehensive maintenance program that keeps your EV running at peak performance. This all-inclusive service covers everything from major and interim services to additional benefits to ensure your car is in tip-top shape. Our complete service package includes the following:

1. All components of the significant service

2. All components of the interim service

3. High-voltage system inspection and diagnostics

4. Drivetrain inspection and maintenance

5. Transmission fluid check and replacement, if applicable

6. Complete vehicle detailing, inside and out

7. 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all work performed

Why Choose Ev Hybrid Tech for Your Electric Car Services?

We understand the importance of keeping your electric vehicle in excellent condition. Our team of certified technicians is equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide your EV with the highest level of service. Here's why you should choose us:

1. Expert Technicians: Our technicians are trained to work on various electric vehicle models, ensuring that your car receives the best possible care.

2. Quality Parts: We use only genuine, high-quality parts to guarantee the longevity and performance of your electric vehicle.

3. Transparent Pricing: We provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees or surprises, so you know exactly what to expect when you bring your car to us.

4. Eco-Friendly Services: As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to minimising waste and using sustainable practices.

5. Convenient Online Booking: Schedule your service appointment quickly and easily using our user-friendly online booking system. Don't leave your electric vehicle's health to chance – trust the experts for all your primary, interim, and complete service needs. Book your appointment today and experience the difference that exceptional service can make.

Scheduled Maintenance Packages

We offer scheduled maintenance packages tailored to your EV's specific requirements to ensure your electric vehicle stays in optimal condition. Our packages are designed to address the unique needs of electric vehicles and provide the best possible care for your investment.

1. Silver Maintenance Package: Our Silver Maintenance Package includes all the essentials for running your electric vehicle smoothly. This package is ideal for EV owners who want a cost-effective solution that covers basic maintenance needs.

2. Gold Maintenance Package: For those who want a more comprehensive maintenance program, our Gold Maintenance Package covers everything in the Silver package plus additional services to ensure your EV's top-notch performance.

3. Platinum Maintenance Package: Our Platinum Maintenance Package is the ultimate choice for electric vehicle owners who want the highest level of care for their investment. This all-inclusive package provides unparalleled maintenance and support, keeping your EV in pristine condition.

Customised Electric Vehicle Services

We understand that every electric vehicle is unique, and so are the needs of its owner. That's why we offer customised electric vehicle services catering to your requirements. Whether you need specialised care for your high-performance EV or looking for a maintenance plan tailored to your driving habits, our expert technicians can create a perfect service package for you.

Fleet Services for Electric Vehicles

We proudly offer comprehensive fleet services for electric vehicle businesses. Our fleet services are designed to help businesses maintain their EVs efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations. From routine maintenance to on-site support, we can create a custom fleet service package that meets the unique needs of your business.

Experience the Difference

Choose us for all your electric vehicle service needs and experience the unparalleled quality and care that sets us apart from the competition. Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your electric vehicle remains in optimal condition. Book your appointment today and discover the difference for yourself.

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