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Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Free Safety Video Inspection
Cabin Filter
Antifreeze coolant check and top up
Brake Fluid check and top up
Power Steering Fluid check and top up
Brake Pad check
Brake Disc check
Check Brake pipes
Check Hand brake cables
Check Light bulbs
Tyre's check
Wheel bearings check
Check condition of suspension
Check Fuel leaks
Check Oil leaks
Service lights reset
Fuel filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs (For Petrol cars)

Ford EV & Hybrid Models Service Specialists

At the core of maintaining your Ford in top condition lies a commitment to comprehensive service. With each visit, you can count on the hands of our trained technicians, who specialize in bringing out the best in your vehicle. Booking a service is streamlined for your convenience, ensuring your Ford vehicle remains a reliable companion on the road. Whether it's a filter change or a more complex diagnosis, our services are tailored to meet the exact needs of your Ford, guaranteeing genuine Ford care every step of the way.

Types of Services Available

Our Ford service options are varied, and designed to cover every potential need. From regular maintenance to repair and inspection, our service range ensures your vehicle stays in the best condition. Interval checks, specific to your vehicle and can be viewed in your service schedule, are instrumental in preempting issues, while our quality parts promise longevity and performance. The versatility in our offerings means your Ford UK model benefits from meticulous attention, regardless of its service history or mileage.

Ford Interim Service

Understanding the vehicle needs servicing rhythm for your Ford is pivotal to its longevity and reliability. An interim service suggested post every 6,000 miles or six months—whichever milestone you reach first—is a cornerstone for maintaining your Ford better. It's a procedural check that targets the essential functions, ensuring everything is performing as intended.

  • Engine Oil Check: Vital for lubrication and cooling down engine components.
  • Lighting Inspection: Safety on the road begins with optimal visibility.
  • Tire Tread and Pressure Assessment: Key to fuel efficiency and safe handling.
  • Windscreen Wipers Check: Clarity in vision, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Brake Inspection: Fundamental for your safety, check for responsive stopping.
  • Coolant and Hydraulic Fluid Level Evaluation: To avoid overheating and ensure smooth operation.

During this interim check-up, meticulous attention is given to the factors that could influence your drive, aiming for added peace of mind with every mile.

Ford Full Service

The full service, recommended after traversing 12,000 miles or upon reaching the 12-month mark, is a thorough process designed to service your vehicle comprehensively. This detailed inspection covers all the bases, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Comprehensive Engine Analysis: To ensure peak performance and diagnose any signs of wear.
  • Battery Condition: Assuring you of reliable starts and electrical functionality.
  • Full Brake Check: Covering discs, pads, and fluids for optimum safety.
  • Exhaust System Evaluation: Ensuring emissions are within regulation and the system is sound.
  • Steering and Suspension Check: For maintaining control and comfort in your drive.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Providing clean air to your engine for better fuel efficiency.

This all-encompassing service is where work is carried out extensively to uphold the intricate mechanisms that keep your Ford operating smoothly. It's the ultimate health check for your vehicle, addressing both the visible and the intricate to reinforce your confidence in its performance.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise: Services carried out by expert technicians equipped with the latest Ford knowledge.
  2. Quality: The use of original equipment and quality parts ensures durability and performance.
  3. Value: Cost-effective servicing that does not compromise on quality, ensuring value for money.
  4. Reliability: A service schedule that's devised with a thorough understanding of Ford vehicles.
  5. Convenience: We strive to make servicing your car as convenient as possible, respecting your preferred date and time.
  6. Assurance: Warranty options that cover a range of additional services for your Ford.
  7. Support: Friendly support staff ready to provide any assistance or advice specific to your vehicle.
  8. Continuity: We help to keep your Ford serviced, preserving its condition and your satisfaction.

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Life shouldn’t slow down for car service. Book a service with us and experience the extra convenience we've woven into every interaction. Whether it's an online booking or a visit to our workshop, we make sure your Ford is in the safest hands possible, without disrupting your routine. Embrace the ease with which you can secure a slot, affirming that your Ford's service offers are just a click away. Ensure your vehicle needs are met promptly, with quality service that speaks for itself.

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