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Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Free Safety Video Inspection
Cabin Filter
Antifreeze coolant check and top up
Brake Fluid check and top up
Power Steering Fluid check and top up
Brake Pad check
Brake Disc check
Check Brake pipes
Check Hand brake cables
Check Light bulbs
Tyre's check
Wheel bearings check
Check condition of suspension
Check Fuel leaks
Check Oil leaks
Service lights reset
Fuel filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs (For Petrol cars)

MINI EV & Hybrid Models Service Specialists

Caring for your Mini is crucial for its performance and longevity. At our dedicated Mini service centre, we understand this better than anyone. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in all things Mini, ensuring your vehicle gets the best possible care. From routine check-ups to more detailed repairs, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of every Mini model. 

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Mini running at its best. Whether it's a newer model or one with more miles, our services are designed to address every aspect of your car's well-being. When we use real Mini parts, your vehicle is not only high quality but also reliable and performs well.

Choose from our extensive range of services and enjoy a driving experience that's both smooth and worry-free. Trust us to take care of your Mini with the expertise and attention it deserves.

Types of Services Available

Our service centre has many services for Mini owners. Our trained technicians can do routine maintenance and complex repairs. Our Mini interim service is for people who want a thorough check-up between full services. It includes oil and filter changes and important inspections to keep your Mini in good condition. Our Mini full service covers all maintenance needs. It makes sure every part of your Mini works well.

We offer extra services too, such as checking brakes, changing tires, and testing engines thoroughly. Each service is carried out with genuine Mini parts, ensuring that your vehicle receives the best care possible. We understand that your Mini is more than a car; it's a part of your life. Hence, we offer flexible scheduling and competitive prices to suit your needs. We are dedicated to giving you a service that goes beyond your expectations. This will keep your Mini in great condition for many years.

MINI Interim Service

Our MINI Interim Service is for drivers who use their Mini often and drive long distances. This service keeps your Mini in great shape by checking and maintaining it regularly. It helps prevent unexpected issues. We will inspect your Mini's important parts, like brakes, tyres, and lights, to make sure they work well. Additionally, we perform an oil service, which includes draining and refilling your Mini's oil, along with an oil filter change. This service is essential for maintaining your Mini's engine health and efficiency.

- Comprehensive vehicle inspection

- Oil service, including drain and refill

- Oil filter change

- Brake fluid check and top-up

- Tyre pressure and tread depth inspection

- Lights, wipers, and fluid level checks

Our technicians are trained to provide the best service for your Mini. They will also give advice on any further maintenance or repairs your vehicle may need. By being proactive with car servicing, your Mini can run smoothly and any problems can be quickly addressed.

MINI Full Service

The MINI Full Service is our most comprehensive service option, ideal for ensuring your Mini is in the best possible condition. This service has everything from the Interim Service, plus extra checks and maintenance tasks. A full service every year or at the specified mileage is crucial in maintaining your Mini's performance and reliability. Our technicians will inspect your Mini , taking care of its maintenance needs. To make sure your Mini is working properly, we'll check the engine, transmission, suspension, and exhaust systems.

- Complete vehicle health check

- Full engine diagnostic

- Transmission fluid check and replacement if necessary

- Suspension and exhaust system inspection

- Comprehensive brake inspection

- All fluid levels checked and topped up

This service also focuses on safety and environmental checks. It makes sure your Mini runs efficiently and stays environmentally friendly. Choose our Full Service to give your Mini the love and attention it deserves. This will help maintain its condition and value.

Combine Your Service With MOT

Combining your Mini service with an MOT test is a convenient and efficient way to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Our service centre offers the option to schedule your Mini service and annual MOT test together, saving you time and hassle. Vehicles three years old or older must have an MOT test. The test checks your vehicle's safety, roadworthiness, and emissions. By combining these services, you not only keep your Mini in excellent condition but also ensure it meets all legal requirements.

Our technicians are skilled in servicing and MOT requirements. They inspect your Mini to meet legal standards. If any issues are identified during the MOT test, we can address them promptly, often on the same day. This integrated approach to servicing and MOT ensures that your Mini leaves our centre not only serviced to the highest standard but also fully compliant with all legal requirements.

Why Choose Us?

1. Expert service by trained technicians specifically for Mini vehicles.

2. Use genuine Mini parts to protect your warranty and ensure quality.

3. Comprehensive range of services from basic maintenance to full servicing.

4. Flexible scheduling to suit your convenience.

5. Competitive prices without compromising on quality.

6. Option to combine service with MOT for convenience.

7. Personalized advice and attention to each customer’s specific needs.

8. Commitment to keeping your Mini in the best care possible.

Schedule Your Service

Scheduling your Mini service has never been easier. Visit our website or contact our service centre to book your appointment. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the service you need, whether it’s a basic interim check-up or a full comprehensive service. We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. When you bring your Mini to our service centre, you can trust that it will receive the best care possible.

Don't wait until your Mini needs servicing; schedule your service today to ensure it remains in peak condition. Our team is ready to give your Mini the attention it deserves, helping to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Book your service now and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Mini is in expert hands.

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