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Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Free Safety Video Inspection
Cabin Filter
Antifreeze coolant check and top up
Brake Fluid check and top up
Power Steering Fluid check and top up
Brake Pad check
Brake Disc check
Check Brake pipes
Check Hand brake cables
Check Light bulbs
Tyre's check
Wheel bearings check
Check condition of suspension
Check Fuel leaks
Check Oil leaks
Service lights reset
Fuel filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs (For Petrol cars)

Citroen EV & Hybrid Models Service Specialists

When your Citroën requires a service, you're not just getting routine maintenance. You're securing peace of mind, ensuring that every part of your vehicle functions with precision. A Citroën service caters to your car's specific needs, adhering to manufacturer guidelines that guarantee warranty compliance and optimal performance.

Whether you're booking an annual service or responding to a reminder for upcoming maintenance work, each service is tailored to your car's age, model, and mileage. By choosing a fixed-price servicing option, you can expect competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Every Citroën technician has been highly trained to maintain high-quality standards, ensuring that your vehicle remains in impeccable condition.

Types of Service Plans Available

Citroën offers a comprehensive range of services to fit the unique requirements of your vehicle. From an oil change to more complex repairs, every aspect of service is carried out with high-quality parts and the expertise of our technicians. Choose from our service every year or mileage-based plans to maintain your vehicle's lifespan and functionality. Regular maintenance doesn't just preserve the mechanics of your Citroën; it safeguards your experience on the road. The wide range of services includes safety checks, fluid replacements, and brake inspections, all designed to prevent faults and keep your car running smoothly.

Citroen Interim Service

Ensuring your Citroën remains in peak condition, the interim service is a comprehensive check that comes into play every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever milestone you reach first. It is a precise strategy designed to maintain your vehicle's reliability and performance. During an interim service, experienced technicians meticulously examine your vehicle, focusing on the elements that endure the most wear over short distances and periods.

Engine Oil and Filter Replacement: Aids in reducing internal engine friction, ensuring efficiency.

  • Lights, Tyres, and Exhaust Checks: Guarantees essential safety components are operational.
  • Brake and Steering Inspection: Ensures crucial control systems function optimally.
  • Fluid Level Top-Ups: Includes coolant, brake, power steering, and windshield fluids to maintain functionality.

This service not only provides the necessary upkeep to keep your Citroën running smoothly but also includes labour in the fixed-price servicing package, ensuring transparency and value without any hidden costs. Quality parts replace any worn components to preserve the integrity of your vehicle until the next service interval.

Citroen Full Service

A full service recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months, is essential to prolonging the health and efficacy of your Citroën. This service is an in-depth review of your vehicle's comprehensive requirements, ensuring safety, efficiency, and durability.

  • Full Engine Inspection: Checks for optimum performance and diagnoses any issues.
  • Air and Fuel Filter Replacement: Enhances fuel efficiency and engine life.
  • Full Brake Inspection: Ensures maximum safety and responsiveness.
  • Gearbox and Clutch Functionality Checks: Guarantees smooth driving experience.

With each full service, every aspect of your Citroën is scrutinized. Labour is meticulously accounted for, and the fixed-price servicing ensures that you are not met with unexpected costs. Only quality parts are used to replace or repair, maintaining the manufacturer's standards and ensuring that every journey in your Citroën is as smooth and safe as the first.

Why Choose Us for Your Citroen?

  • Certified Citroën Technicians: Expertise you can trust.
  • Genuine Citroën Parts: Maintain original equipment quality.
  • Transparent Pricing: No surprises, just competitive rates.
  • Manufacturer Compliance: Keeping your warranty intact.
  • Convenient Online Booking: Request an appointment with ease.
  • Custom Service Schedules: Tailored to your vehicle's specifics.
  • Nationwide Retailer Network: Service at your convenience.
  • Comprehensive Service Options: From interim checks to full vehicle overhauls.

Schedule Your Service

Take the first step towards impeccable vehicle care with Citroën. Scheduling your service is a seamless process, with the convenience of requesting an appointment online to suit your timetable. Our service centre is equipped with the latest technology, manned by highly trained technicians ready to advise and assist. When you schedule a service, you're not just booking maintenance; you're ensuring that every drive in your Citroën is as enjoyable as the first. Experience this dedication to excellence and schedule your Citroën service today—where quality meets convenience and expertise.

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