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Looking to get your electric vehicle or plugin hybrid vehicle serviced or fixed and finding it hard to locate a reliable and experienced mechanics? Let the EV Hybrid Tech help you keep your vehicle performing in top shape and on the road. We are passionate about EVs and have gained valuable knowledge about our craft through two decades of service. We have an experienced team of mechanics who deal with Electric and plugin hybrid vehicles and can do any kind of repairs necessary.

Electric vehicles were being built long time ago as well but were not a practical option. Its only with the advancement of the technology and availability of relevant infrastructure, that we are reaping the fruits of this technology. Due to their simplistic design and emphasis on being environmentally friendly, these vehicles are designed to be maintained easily.

Despite all that, it requires specialist training and an experienced eye to know what needs servicing and what requires to be repaired. Being an electric/Hybrid vehicle, a single stray wire can stop your vehicle in its tracks.

We at our facility, not only take care of your vehicle’s repairing but also maintain an absolutely stellar servicing routine so no mishaps can occur while you are not prepared for it.

Following are the services that we provide at astonishingly low prices for our customers.

Interim Electric/ Hybrid Service

Interim electric/Hybrid service suits the careful drivers who would like to keep their vehicle in top notch shape all the time and this service is beneficial in the long run as it lets your vehicle without any fault all year long.

We check all the usual service items, such as tyre condition, wear patterns and tread depths, brake discs and pads, wipers, bulbs and fluid levels. Additional checks are performed for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, such as

We check the charging cable, check its condition and ability to do the charging and if it connects properly.

We check high voltage cables and components for correct routing and securing of line and health of the components.

We do the battery pack inspection to check the health of the vehicle.

Full Electric/ Hybrid Service

Full electric service is beneficial for at least once a year and help with the maintenance and hassle-free working of your vehicle. We always recommend to consult manufacturer’s handbook for your recommended service schedule.

Our full electric/Hybrid service includes the usual checks such as tyre condition, wear patterns, and tread depths, brake discs and pads, wipers, all the bulbs and fluid levels etc. from the electric side, we check the following components.

We check if the charging cable works fine, is visually correct and connects perfectly to your vehicle.

We inspect all the high voltage components and cables to find any damage and correct the routing and secure the lines.

We check the health of the battery pack and its connections and ensure the seamless transition of power from batteries to the drive terrain.

We replace the cabin filters to save you from unpleasant smells or fine dust.

MOT Approved Garage

Electric/Hybrid cars operate differently than the regular vehicles and do not emit any emissions but they are still required to pass the MOT test once these are 3 years old. We perform MOT tests for the electric vehicles and check the following.

We inspect the electric components and wires essential for the smooth operation of the vehicle along with the battery pack, Headlights, wipers and horn

We check for the corrosion on the vehicle using specially designed tools to check for rust under the bonnet or under the floor.

We do a thorough inspection of mechanical components that includes things such as steering, brakes, suspension, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.

We check the tread depth of the vehicle and overall health of the tyres to ensure that both are complacent to the legal limit.

Why Choose Us?

From the start, we realized that the future belongs to the electric and Hybrid vehicles and this was the direction we put our resources and finances towards. With years of experience in this particular field, we are way ahead of the competition. We have specific structure that is helpful in maintaining and fixing the electric and Hybrid vehicles and we own up to date and modern tools that are helpful in getting the job done in the smoothest of ways. We are one stop solution for every sort of problems that your electric and Hybrid vehicle can experience and take charge as soon as your vehicle enters our facility. Our repair and servicing job is guaranteed to keep your vehicle on the road without any nasty surprise. You can book our services online or over the phone and our staff are pleasant and always happy to help.

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perfect garage, dan was very helpful, repaired my bmw 320d I thought it was scrap but they managed to bring it back to life, will be taking it there for my mot and service in December, thanks guys

David Wilson

I took my BMW 116D here for a full service. Best value for money service I’ve ever had. Genuine parts used too. Pleased with how the garage dealt with me & the car! Would highly recommend

Ryan Terry

Great experience here, quick and quality work. Never had such great service from a garage before. Thank you to everyone at Precision Rebuilds!! 10/10 would recommend.

Jordan Bishop

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