Make an Informed Decision by our Pre-Purchase Inspection Service of EV & Hybrid vehicles

Locating and purchasing a used car in perfect condition is a time taking and complex process that require good understanding and skills along with patience and an eye for detail. If you lack any of above-mentioned attributes then try not to worry. Being EV & hybrid specialists garage, EV Hybrid Tech offer a comprehensive pre purchase inspection service and we help you find the perfect car for your use. Our experienced and well-trained mechanics can perform an eagle-eyed inspection before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

What is Included in Pre-Purchase Inspection?

We tend to look at the things that are usually right in front of our eyes such as the colour, make, model, body type, stereo, exterior and interior. However, we overlook the most important details that have been mentioned above. Special equipment and an experienced eye are required for those hidden details to uncover. This is where our mechanics come in handy.

There is a lot more included in the pre purchase inspection than just kicking the tyres. The whole vehicle systems should be thoroughly inspected. A pre-purchase inspection at EV Hybrid Tech involves a test drive, diagnostic test through computer, dash warning lights test, battery and charging, electrical, exhaust, exterior, HVAC, ignition, Cooling system, steering linkage, suspension components, hoses and belts, fluid leaks, rust damage, tires and breaks, glass and windshield wipers and fluid levels and condition.

Experienced and Trained Mechanics for Checks

EV Hybrid Tech has all the experience and required tools that are essential for the pre-purchase check. Our technicians and mechanics are factory trained and have great eye for detail. We can perform the complete check in just a couple of hours and this could give you a complete peace of mind. You can buy the vehicle that has had the pre-purchase check from us with confidence that you are paying for a properly working vehicle.

Specialist workshops that deal with electric and hybrid vehicles and perform pre-purchase checks for them are quite rare and it is difficult for the conventional workshops to perform such check on those vehicles. So, you should always look for a specialist workshop. It is advised that you should make an appointment before visiting to avoid the wait time. It is easy to get an appointment as you can do this online or call our staff who are always eager to help. Our services can make a huge difference in making the right decision, something that you would understand more once you experience the services for yourself.

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