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Have range anxiety from your EV on the road? Want a Nissan Leaf battery replacement? You are at the right place. Our mechanics specialize in battery replacement. Whether your EV needs a quick health check or a complete battery change, we're here to help.

Our process is easy. We start with a thorough evaluation of your battery pack to understand exactly what your car needs. If it's time to change the battery, we guide you through selecting the best options from our range of new and aftermarket EV batteries. 

Choosing the right EV batteries can be confusing because of the wide range of options. But, with our advice, we make it easy for you. Our garage is equipped to handle any model of the Nissan Leaf, ensuring your car gets back to its peak performance.

Trust our skilled mechanics for fast, efficient service. From testing to installing new batteries, we make sure every step is seamless. Get your Nissan Leaf running like new again with our expert battery replacement service.

Our Battery Replacement Process for Nissan Leaf

  1. Consultation: We start by understanding the specific needs of your EV. Whether it's an early Nissan Leaf model or the latest version, our team is well-versed with every model year.
  2. Battery Health Test: We assess the state of charge and battery degradation. We accurately identify whether it's time for a battery swap or a quick fix.
  3. Recommendation: Depending on the battery's health, we will recommend a battery upgrade, especially for older Leaf models. Battery upgrades for Nissan like transitioning from a 24 kWh battery to a 40 kWh pack or even a 62 kWh pack can improve your EVS performance and range.
  4. Selection: We'll guide you in choosing the right battery for your car. We will present you various options from a complete battery change to opting for second-hand salvage batteries as cheaper options.
  5. Replacement: The actual battery replacement is done by our mechanics with precision, ensuring your EV’s safety and functionality. Be it a new battery pack, a battery upgrade, or even a simple battery Change, we have your back.
  6. Testing: We run multiple comprehensive tests after installing the battery. Your car's battery life, capacity, and fast charge capabilities are all verified.
  7. Final Touches: We provide rapid charging to ensure your car leaves our garage with a full battery, ready for the road ahead.
  8. Battery Warranty: We provide a warranty for new battery pack replacements but not for used salvage batteries.

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

The Nissan Leaf has been around since 2011. Due to this, a diverse range of battery capacities are available, from the early 24 kWh to the newer 62 kWh packs. Depending on your mileage, model, and preference for charging capabilities, we'll help you pick the right battery pack, be it a 30 kWh battery, a 40 kWh battery, or any other option like an aftermarket battery that best suits your needs.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a Nissan Leaf battery can vary based on the model year and battery capacity you opt for. We offer a free quote service ahead of time to provide clarity. By providing us with information, we can tailor a quote specific to your vehicle's needs, ensuring transparency and precision in the cost estimate.

Opting for a lithium-ion battery will give you better performance and savings in the long term. But it will increase the upfront cost of the battery for your electric car.

Our quote for the cost of battery change depends upon the option you selected. For example, if an individual battery module needs replacing then it's much cheaper than replacing the whole battery. It also includes the labour cost to replace the battery.

This way, you're never left in the dark about potential expenses and can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget.

Mobile Battery Replacement

Understanding the busy schedules of our valued customers, we're proud to introduce our Mobile Battery Replacement service. Instead of bringing your car to our garage, our expert mechanics will come directly to your location.

Equipped with all the necessary tools and a selection of batteries, they'll assess, recommend, and replace your battery anywhere you prefer. This not only provides convenience but also minimizes downtime.

Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade

Upgrading the Nissan Leaf's battery counters the battery degradation, a common issue drawbacks of electric cars. Over time, the battery will lose its capacity to hold a charge, affecting its performance. An upgrade enhances both range and reliability.

Different chemistry in your battery means different performance and degradation in the long term. Some batteries can overheat during charging, while others come equipped with active cooling systems.

Choosing to upgrade the battery in your Nissan Leaf is a smart move. It not only increases the electric vehicle's efficiency but also provides you with a smoother, longer drive. This improvement is essential for keeping your Leaf up-to-date with the latest in EV technology, making every journey more enjoyable.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise with EVs: Our mechanics specialise in EVs. Also, our garage is equipped with all the advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Genuine Battery Options: From the original Nissan 24 kWh pack to the larger 62 kWh pack, our replacement batteries are of quality.
  • Affordable Solutions: We provide cost-effective battery solutions, including after-market batteries as well as extender packs.
  • Fast and Efficient Service: Your time is valuable, we understand that. That's why, we ensure fast service and minimal downtime.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs, upfront quote. Whether you're looking to replace or upgrade your car battery, we provide clear pricing.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: EV batteries are evolving at a rapid pace, and we keep ourselves updated with all the knowledge to serve you better.
  • Comprehensive Consultation: We don’t just swap batteries; we educate. Understand the why, how, and what about our process.

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Don't let a degraded battery keep you from the thrill of the road, lose that range anxiety with a quality battery. When it's time for a battery upgrade, replacement, or even just a routine check, our team is here for you. From the moment you pull into our garage to the time you leave, we promise a smooth and easy experience.

Want to perform your EV like new? Book our battery replacement service now and get the best performance from your Nissan once again.

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