Heater Repairs for Electric & Hybrid Cars

As summer kisses goodbye and winter knocks on the door, most of the electric and hybrid car drivers would not worry about their heating in the vehicle. Reason? Well, it worked last year and the year before so why it would not do the same this year. But lo and behold, your heater isn’t working properly anymore. Fortunately, you have landed at the right portal if you are looking to get the heater repair for electric or hybrid vehicle. EV Hybrid Tech has over 2 decades of experience in doing heater repairs for all makes and models of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Common Problems with Car Heaters of Hybrids & EVs

Heating in electric or hybrid vehicles is way different then the conventional combustion engine heating. Electric or hybrid vehicle can not draw heat from the engine as combustion engine does. It is provided with a heat pump that takes thermal energy from the outside air and compresses it before releasing the heat inside.

Common faults in electric and hybrid vehicles' heating systems include faulty thermostats, faulty heater fan, faulty blower motor resistor, clogged heater core, leaky radiator, faulty HVAC controls and faulty wiring or blown fuses.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Repair Specialists

EV Hybrid Tech are experts in providing repairs for electric and hybrid vehicles. We invested heavily on diagnostic equipment and use up to date techniques to help us get the best results of our repairs and service. Our repair charges are cheapest in the area and our service include a complete and thorough check up.

We have built the trust among our customers because of our superior services and attention to detail. You can book your appointment online or over the phone where our staff is always pleasant and engaging to get the appointment scheduled.

We Offer Savings and Customer Satisfaction

We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction to our customers. For this purpose, we offer warranty with our repair services so if things do not work out then they can come back with warranty claim and get it fixed without paying anything.

Our cheaper rates give you enough savings when compared to other garages in the area. We provide additional discounts on our seasonal or festive sales. So, keep your eyes open and do not miss our sales to save your money.

We Bring Your Vehicle to Garage

Some times we linger essential and important repairs because we do not have enough time from our busy lives to bring the vehicle to the garage. Well, we have arranged pick up service for your vehicle where we send a recovery vehicle to bring your car to our garage and get it fixed or serviced and deliver the vehicle back at your doorstep.

We recommend that you book the services yourself so you can understand the difference we make.

Save Money by Booking an Online Appointment

Enjoy Fantastic offers and services at discounted prices. Book an appointment online or over the phone.

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