Brake Repairs Offered for all EV & Hybrid Vehicles

Any mechanic can sort your conventional brakes but when it comes to electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, you should only take it to the specialists. We have been servicing the electric and hybrid vehicles brakes for years. We repair and service the brakes of EVs and Hybrid vehicles while using most up to date diagnostic equipment and modern techniques.

We are EV & hybrid car repair specialists and have served thousands of car owners in London and Essex and all other parts of UK. We can locate and even repair the faults automatically and our repairs and diagnosis are always top quality. You can book the appointment online or by calling us on our number. Our staff is polite, engaging and always eager to help.

Braking serves the same purpose for almost every vehicle which is to slow down the speed of the vehicle. If you are looking to get the brakes repaired in your EV or Hybrid vehicle then EV Hybrid Tech can prove to be a great help in that respect.  In a conventional vehicle, the procedure is as simple as you just press the brake pedal and the pressure of hydraulic fluid squeezes metallic brake pads tightly against the rotors and the resulting friction slows the car.

In electric and hybrid vehicles it is a little more interesting than that. When you press the brake paddle, the electronic braking comes into effect which you can control the intensity of as well. The kinetic energy produced is then preserved in the battery that is supplied back to the electric motor when required.

Common Issues That EV and Hybrid Vehicles Face with Braking

Electric vehicles primarily use regenerative braking that also help the fuel efficiency but they do have the conventional braking system as well. The conventional system presents its own issues and faults such as unusual noises, vibrating steering wheel, pulling to one side, squeaking or grinding noise, leaking fluid, soft brakes or burning smells.

Electronic or regenerative braking however has its own problems. Common problems include brake light on, battery not charging, generator not working, so on and so forth.

Complete Satisfaction and Noticeable Savings

We believe that every customer that comes to us should be completely satisfied with our services. For this purpose, we offer warranty for every repair and service so in case of any problem, the customer could come to us to get it sorted.

Our rates are cheapest in the area despite providing best services. We believer charging minimal rates encourages the customer to build a lasting relationship. You can come to us with complete confidence that you would not be overcharged for the brake repairs or service.

Vehicle Pick up Service

We offer the vehicle pick up service where we arrange a vehicle pickup for you and bring your vehicle to our workshop where we do the servicing or repair done and then deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.

You only get to know the difference that we make, once you book the services with us. So, you can book us online or just pick up the phone and leave the rest with us.

Save Money by Booking an Online Appointment

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