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Experiencing trouble with your BMW's wing mirror? You're in the right place. Wing mirrors are pivotal for safe driving, offering crucial visibility on either side of your car. A damaged or malfunctioning side door mirror isn't just inconvenient; it's a safety hazard. That's where we come in, specializing in BMW wing mirror replacement with precision and care.

Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of services. From thorough inspections to complete mirror unit replacements, we handle every aspect meticulously. Whether it's a small crack in the mirror glass or a need for a full charge, our skilled technicians ensure your BMW receives the best care. 

We understand the importance of using genuine and OEM parts. This commitment not only maintains the integrity of your vehicle but also enhances its performance and value. Your BMW deserves the best, and that's exactly what we provide. Let us take the stress out of your BMW wing mirror issues and get you back on the road safely and stylishly.

BMW Wing Mirror Inspection

When inspecting a BMW wing mirror, the first step is assessing the damage. Whether it's a cracked mirror glass, a faulty motor, or a broken frame, each part plays a pivotal role. It's important to determine if the mirror glass or the entire unit needs replacement.

Next, the functionality of the wing mirror is checked. This includes the adjustment mechanism and, in some models, the auto-dimming or heating features. These functions are integral for driver visibility and safety, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Lastly, the wing mirror's housing and its integration with the vehicle's aesthetic are considered. BMW models, known for their sleek design, require that replacements match the car's overall look. This ensures not only functionality but also maintains the vehicle's visual appeal.

Complete BMW Mirror Unit Replacement

A complete BMW mirror unit replacement is sometimes necessary. This is usually the case when multiple components of the wing mirror are damaged. The process involves removing the old unit and installing a new one that matches the BMW's specifications.

The replacement unit includes the mirror glass, the housing, and the internal mechanisms. For BMW models with advanced features like blind spot detection or lane departure warnings, ensuring the new unit supports these technologies is crucial.

Installation of a new wing mirror unit requires technical skill. It's not just about fitting the new part but also about integrating it with the vehicle's electrical and safety systems. Professional installation guarantees that the wing mirror functions seamlessly with the car's overall system.

BMW Mirror Replacement Cost

The cost of BMW mirror replacement varies depending on several factors. The model of the BMW, the extent of the damage, and the type of mirror unit needed to play a significant role in determining the price. High-end models or mirrors with advanced features, like auto-dimming or heating, may cost more.

Labor costs also contribute to the overall expense. Skilled technicians who specialize in BMW vehicles ensure a high-quality replacement. This expertise, while adding to the cost, is essential for maintaining the vehicle's integrity and performance.

Lastly, opting for genuine BMW parts or OEM parts influences the replacement cost. While genuine parts may come with a higher price tag, they offer compatibility and quality assurance. This investment not only enhances your car's performance but also ensures longevity.

We Serve All Models

Our service caters to all BMW models. Whether you own a classic 3-series or the latest X5, our technicians are equipped to handle your needs. We understand the nuances of different BMW models, ensuring a tailored approach to each repair.

We keep a wide range of parts in stock for various BMW models. This includes wing mirrors for different series and specifications. Having a diverse stock reduces wait times and enhances our ability to serve you better.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We take pride in offering services that cater to the specific needs of each BMW model. Our approach ensures that your vehicle receives the attention and care it deserves, regardless of its model or year.

Genuine And OEM Parts

We use genuine and OEM parts for all replacements. These parts guarantee compatibility with your BMW, ensuring optimal performance. Genuine parts are designed specifically for your model, offering peace of mind and reliability.

OEM parts provide a balance of quality and cost-effectiveness. These parts are manufactured to meet BMW's standards, ensuring a high level of performance. Opting for OEM parts can be a smart choice for budget-conscious customers without compromising on quality.

Using genuine and OEM parts also helps maintain your BMW's value. These parts ensure that your vehicle remains as close to its original state as possible. This is crucial for resale value and maintaining the car's integrity over time.

Why Choose Our Garage?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team specializes in BMW vehicles, offering unmatched expertise.
  • Tailored Services: We provide services customized to each BMW model and customer needs.
  • Quality Parts: Only genuine and OEM parts are used, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use state-of-the-art tools for precise and efficient repairs.
  • Comprehensive Stock: A wide range of parts for various BMW models is always available.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize customer satisfaction in every service.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our services are priced fairly, offering value for money.
  • Warranty Assurance: We stand behind our work with a solid warranty on parts and labor.

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