Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Alloy wheels elevate your vehicle's aesthetic and performance, but they're not immune to wear and tear. Scuffs, kerb damage, and corrosion can tarnish their appeal. Our wheel specialist team is here to help with any issue you may have. They offer comprehensive solutions. From refurbishing tired rims to sanding away rough edges, we focus on reviving your alloy wheels to their original state.

Whether it's a simple tyre scuff or extensive kerbed damage, our methods are tailored to address each specific problem. We don't just make your wheels look good. We also offer a cost-effective solution to make them last longer and keep your vehicle valuable.

We understand that every wheel has its story of wear and tear, and our goal is to rewrite that story, leaving a tale of restoration and resilience.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment revitalizes your wheels, giving them a fresh, new look. This process involves stripping old finishes, repairing damages like scratches and dents, and then applying a new coating. It's not just cosmetic; refurbishment extends the life of your wheels, making it a smart, cost-effective choice for maintaining your car's appeal.

Our refurbishment service caters to all types of alloy wheels, ensuring a perfect finish every time. Whether it's a colour change or restoring the original sheen, we guarantee a professional result. Trust us to transform your wheels, enhancing both the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Alloy Wheel Repair Cost

At our garage, we focus on providing a personalized quote for alloy wheel repairs rather than a flat rate. This ensures you pay only for the services your wheels need. The price of repair varies based on the extent of damage and the type of wheel. By focusing on a tailored approach, we ensure cost-effective, professional repairs that suit your specific situation.

Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs. We understand that damage type is unique, so we assess each case individually. This ensures you receive the best course of action for your wheels at an affordable price, whether it's a minor scratch repair or more extensive damage.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

We offer a mobile alloy wheel repair service for maximum convenience. This service is perfect for those who can’t find the time to visit our garage. Our trained technicians come to your location, equipped with all the necessary tools to provide professional and cost-effective repairs on-site.

Our mobile service is not just convenient; it also offers the same high-quality repairs you would expect in our garage. Whether it's cosmetic repairs or more serious issues like cracks or dents, our mobile service ensures your wheels get the attention they need, wherever you are.

Alloy Wheel Welding

Alloy wheel welding is a specialized service we offer for cracks or severe damage. Our specialist welders use advanced techniques to ensure the integrity and safety of the wheel are restored. This process involves cleaning the damaged area, precisely welding it, and then refinishing the wheel to make it look pristine again.

Welding is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a damaged wheel. Our experienced team ensures that the repaired wheel meets all safety standards, providing you with peace of mind and saving you the cost of a new wheel.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

Our diamond-cut alloy wheel repair service is tailored for a specific diamond-cut finish. This requires precision machinery to skim the wheel, removing a thin layer and revealing a fresh, new surface. It is then lacquered to protect it and enhance its appearance.

This service is ideal for repairing kerbing and other surface damage. The result is that it looks as good as new, restoring the unique appeal of diamond-cut alloys.

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Powder coating is a durable and attractive finish for alloy wheels. This process involves applying a powder material to the wheel, which is then heated to form a hard, protective layer. It's ideal for a complete colour change or restoring wheels to their original colour.

This technique not only enhances the look of the wheels but also offers protection against environmental factors like corrosive road salts and debris. Powder coating is a professional and cost-effective way to maintain the top condition and residual value of your alloy wheels.

Which Alloy Wheel Service Do You Need?

Deciding on the right alloy wheel service can be straightforward. Here's a quick guide:

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: Ideal if your wheels have lost their sheen or have minor surface damage. This service makes them look brand new.
  • Alloy Wheel Repair: For more specific issues like scuffs, scratches, or kerb damage. It's a focused fix, perfect for targeted problems.
  • Alloy Wheel Welding: Choose this if you're dealing with cracks or severe wheel damage. It's a specialized repair that restores its integrity.
  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair: This is for wheels with a diamond-cut finish. It precisely remedies any surface damage, maintaining its unique style.
  • Alloy Wheel Powder Coating: Opt for this for a complete colour change or to renew the original colour. It adds both beauty and protection to your wheels.

Why Choose Our Garage?

  1. Tailored Quotes: Personalized pricing for each repair job.
  2. Mobile Service: Convenient, on-site repairs.
  3. Advanced Techniques: For a range of damages, from scratches to welding.
  4. Experienced Specialists: Skilled in various repair methods.
  5. Cost-Effective: Quality services at affordable prices.
  6. Wide Range of Services: Catering to all alloy wheel issues.
  7. Quality Assurance: Guaranteed satisfaction with every repair.
  8. Customer-Centric Approach: Friendly customer service and expert advice.

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