Air Conditioning Repairs for Electric & Hybrid Cars

Electric vehicles are the future with their new and fascinating technology and efficient ways to getting things done without affecting the environment. Air conditioning is an area in electric and hybrid vehicles that makes a huge difference when it comes to CO2 emissions. If you are looking to get the air conditioning of your electric or hybrid vehicle then trust no one else apart from EV Hybrid Tech who have an experience of over 20 years in dealing with electric and hybrid vehicles.

Conventional and EV Air Conditioning Difference

There is a fundamental difference between conventional and electric vehicle air conditioning. Conventional air conditioning uses engine to power its functions such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Where as an electric car does things differently because there is no engine, and so delivering power to the AC and just about everything else is determined by the amount of stored battery energy. Usually, AC compressor is located at the front of the car and draws power from the energy storage system.

Common faults that drivers encounter are no air coming from the vents, not cold enough air, terrible smell from the vents, Ac making noise when turned on, water on the floor, cold to hot air etc.

Air Conditioning Experts for EV and Hybrid

Since the EV Hybrid Tech are electric and hybrid vehicle specialists, we understand the working and function of air conditioning better than anyone else. We can repair the problems that air condition in your electric vehicle is facing and we can offer a very comprehensive service to your electric or hybrid vehicle air conditioning as well. Our experienced mechanics use modern diagnostic tools and up to date practices.

We have trained and experienced mechanics for all makes and models of electric and hybrid vehicles. You can book our services online or over the phone with ease.

We Provide 100% Satisfaction

The aim of our business is to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. We believe that every customer that comes to us should be completely satisfied with our services. For this purpose, we offer warranty for every repair and service so in case of any problem, the customer could come to us to get it sorted.

Our rates are cheapest in the area despite providing best services. We believer charging minimal rates encourages the customer to build a lasting relationship. You can come to us with complete confidence that you would not be overcharged for the brake repairs or service.

We Pick your Vehicle

We understand that not everyone is able to have enough time to bring the vehicle to our workshop. We can arrange a pick up for your vehicle which means that we send a pick-up truck to bring your vehicle in our workshop and get it repaired or serviced and once the vehicle is perfect then we deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.

You only get to know the difference that we make unless you order our services yourself.

Save Money by Booking an Online Appointment

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